An add-on for Neapolitan, adding new flavors from the End.

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Exquisito is an addon mod for Neapolitan, designed to enhance dietary variety and mod compatibility by adding new flavors from the End with the corresponding foods.

Basic Flavor

Chorus Fruit and related foods now have a new effect: Resonance, which switches the player's position with their attack target. This effect is immune to some flying and ender mobs (such as Ghast and Shulker).

In addition, Chorus Milkshake can randomly teleport the drinker and turn the drinker's status effects into an area effect cloud that generates at the original location.

Flavors from Enlightend

Fuchsia Goo, the strange neutral effect given by Jelly Ring, spreads through mobs via melee attack, protecting the host from almost all damage at the cost of slowing their movement speed. When the duration ends, the host will be ejected vertically.

Just like Chocolate Milkshake, Jelly Ring Milkshake will clear the drinker's beneficial effects. However, it can also heal the drinker based on the number of cleared effects or deal an equal amount of magic damage to undead mobs.

This special effect provided by Zure Berry is only activated when the player takes fall damage, creating a ranged strike around the landing site and saving the player from falling to death if necessary.

Zure Berry Milkshake removes the non-beneficial effects of the drinker, but be careful, it will also cause an explosion equal in size to the effects removed.

Flavors from Oh The Biomes You'll Go

Earendel, the effect provided by Ether Bulb flavor, gives ranged healing to mobs with glowing effects and knockbacks to targets that do not qualify when the surrounding environment's light level is above 7.

Morgoth, the effect provided by Nightshade Berry flavor, causes a ranged magic attack when a weapon is held in the user's main hand and the surrounding environment's light level is below 7.


  • For Enlightend - The raw materials of the two flavors provide corresponding effects. Ennegel Pasta and Ender Stew provide Fuchsia Goo and Resonance effects, respectively.
  • For End's Delight - Most Chorus Fruit foods now provide the Resonance effect.
  • For Unusual End - Most Chorus Fruit foods now provide the Resonance effect.

If you're interested in the development of Exquisito or have any questions about the project, please feel free to join my Discord server.

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