ExtraDE Origins Addon

ExtraDE Origins Addon


Extends Origins to allow to you to apply the ExtraDE entity groups to your origin.

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ExtraDE Origins Addon

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This Origins addon allows you to grant an Origin one of the entity groups defined by Extra Damage Enchantments.

The origins:entity_group power is great for the immersion factor of an Origin. However when PvP is involved, players who have this power are always at a severe disadvantage due to having a weakness to specific enchantments. Consider the damage difference between Sharpness V and Smite V against an undead Origin.

This Origins addon equalizes that aspect of the game by making it possible for more Origins to have specific enchantment vulnerabilities. In an open PvP or otherwise competitive environment, it can be far more interesting when everyone has a different weakness for you to prepare for.


This mod creates a new power type extrade:entity_group that works identically to the standard origins:entity_group power type, but with additional options for group.

Concrete power implementations are also already provided by the mod, to use them add one of these to your origin:

  • extrade:humanoid
  • extrade:outerworldly
  • extrade:arcane
  • extrade:fungifloral
  • extrade:beastly

Vanilla Groups

ExtraDE Origins addon also adds concrete implementations to use any vanilla entity group.

  • extrade:default
  • extrade:aquatic
  • extrade:arthropod
  • extrade:illager
  • extrade:undead

Check the wiki for more information if needed.


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