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Link your Fabric server and Discord with ease!

🍀 Version 3.0.0

Project has been fully rewritten and major parts are changed which results in broken compatability for older configs. Wiki articles may have old information about configuration, this will be fixed soon.

📂 Version Support

Due to lack of free time and skills the support is limited to latest 2 major releases with latest minor version being supported.

Support Minecraft
✅ Active, Primary 1.20.4
✅ Active, Backport 1.19.4
❌ Outdated 1.20-1.20.3
❌ Discontinued 1.18.2

✨ Features

  • [x] Based on Kotlin and kord
  • [x] Ability to choose messages per channel
  • [x] Ability to change bot status
  • [x] Customizable messages
  • [x] Supports advanced formatting
  • [x] Embed support
  • [x] Webhook support

📖 Getting Started

I wrote few helpful articles about this mod, so if you need help you can visit wiki.

💖 Used Libraries

🖍️ Future plans

  • [ ] 🏃‍♂️ Execution of commands via chat
  • [ ] Rework tags system to be more flexible
  • [ ] Fully handle server shutdown
  • [ ] Server console
  • [ ] Account linking

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Technical information

Client side
Server side
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