Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves


Adds a neat little particle effect to leaf blocks

Client Decoration

Created3 years ago
Updated14 days ago

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Falling Leaves

This Fabric mod for Minecraft 1.20+ adds a neat little particle effect to leaf blocks.
Users can configure which types of leaf blocks will drop leaves and the frequency that these leaves are dropped at.

Requires Cloth Config.

This mod was brought over from CurseForge, where all previous versions can be found.

Troubleshooting aka "Why are no leaves falling?"

Some trees do not drop leaves by default, these are: conifer trees (like spruce and pine), large leaved trees (like jungle trees and palms) and shrubs.

You can change this as you like by adjusting "Conifer Leaf Spawn Rate" in the Mod Menu settings and adjusting the spawn rates for specific trees under "Leaf Block Settings".

A complete list of all conifer trees is found here and a list of all trees with adjusted spawn rates is found here.


  • Is this compatible with trees from other mods? What about Resource Packs?

    • Falling Leaves should be 100% compatible with any modded trees and any resource pack changing leaves!
  • Does this need to be installed on the server for multiplayer?

    • Nope! This mod is 100% client-side.
  • Lol fabric suxxx gief forge plx.

    • Cheaterpaul ported this mod to Forge, note that this port is inofficial and might not always be up-to-date, it also does configuration differently.
  • Do you have any screenshots I could look at before I install this?

    • Sure! Check out the images section of this mod's Curseforge page.
      (Note that they are slightly out of date.)
  • I enjoy old things. Can you backport this to Minecraft 1.7?

    • No. We will only focus on supporting the most recently released version of Minecraft.
  • I found a problem / have an idea! Do I just post a comment on your CurseForge page?

  • Can I include this mod in my modpack?

    • Absolutely! Just remember to put a link to our CurseForge page somewhere in your modpack's documentation.
  • What do you get if you jumble the letters in "Falling Leaves Mod"?

    • You get "Five Golden Llamas". We're still not sure if this means anything in particular...

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