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Break down your trees by only cutting one piece of it


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This mod will change the way you break trees. 2 modes are available:

  • Instantaneous: Break one log and the whole tree will fall
  • Shift down: Break a block and the log will slowly shift down as you cut it (good if you don't want to "cheat" too much but are lazy to go cut top log blocks πŸ˜›)

Demonstration of breaking a tree

Several options are available in the config file:

  • Customize what is considered as a tree (log blocks & leave blocks).
  • Customize what tools can be used (add more axes, allow everything, ...).
  • Turn leaf breaking on/off.
  • Option to disable the effect of the mod by sneaking (can be reversed).
  • Change speed depending on the tree size.
  • Damage tools or not (can set it to break the tool by the amount of blocks there were in the tree).
  • Let tools at 1 durability if it's going to break.

NOTE: On servers this mod can be server-side only, client isn't required (except if you use the change speed feature and/or enchants configurations).