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FancyMenu allows you to personalize Minecraft's menus in a user-friendly way. Whether you're striving for a modern and simple style or looking to integrate advanced features such as animated or dynamic elements into your menus, FancyMenu equips you with the right tools to bring your vision to reality!

To explore FancyMenu's features and unlock its full potential, check out the official documentation. It walks you through everything, from the basics to advanced customization, making sure both new and experienced users can make the most of FancyMenu.

For support, tips, and to connect with other users, join the official Discord server.

If you experience crashes or other issues, please check the incompatibility list for mod conflicts!

What it Offers

  • Visual Customization: FancyMenu empowers users to visually customize their Minecraft menus, allowing for unique and personalized in-game interfaces.
  • Built-in Editor: FancyMenu features a user-friendly editor, allowing both beginners and experienced users to easily tweak layouts and customize menus.
  • Client-Side Mod: FancyMenu can be used as pure client-side mod without the need to install it server-side.
  • Server-Side Features: FancyMenu can be installed as optional server-side mod, enabling admins to remotely open GUIs for users with FancyMenu installed client-side.
  • Animated Images: FancyMenu supports animated image formats like GIF and APNG that will breathe life into your menus.
  • Dynamic Menu Designs: Advanced users can utilize features like conditional statements (aka. loading requirements), variables, and placeholders for complex and dynamic menu designs.
  • Continuous Updates: FancyMenu is actively maintained, with regular updates introducing new features and improvements. FancyMenu is always available for the latest Minecraft versions, so you can always make use of Minecraft's newest features without sacrificing your beautiful menus.

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FancyMenu Copyright © 2020-2024 Keksuccino.
FancyMenu is licensed under DSMSLv2 (DON'T SNATCH MA STUFF LICENSE V2.0).
See for more information about the license.

Japng © Copyright A. Ellerton.
Japng is licensed under Apache-2.0.

Animated GIF library for Java © Copyright Roberto Tyley, Kevin Weiner.
Original code by Kevin Weiner on
Re-packaged and improved by Roberto Tyley. Improvements licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

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