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Feature NBT Deadlock Be Gone

Server mod

Fixes deadlocks caused by

World Generation

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This mod's sole goal is to fix this bug that only exists for 1.18 MC:

The bug is when placing NBT builds into the world during worldgen, it can deadlock the game if the build is replacing a BlockEntity of any kind. Spawners, chests, lecterns, beds, signs, etc. Which is... bad. Your game locks up and freezes. Ticks are no longer being run.

The issue comes down to the fact that the method used to place build's blocks in the world is not worldgen safe. It is using the wrong world object inside. The way this mod fixes the bug is by simply skipping the calls to those unsafe methods if the world passed into the nbt placing method is a WorldGenRegion class. More info and in-depth detail is in the bug report above.

For mods, this bug may occur more often which is why it may be a good idea to just have this mod on as a precaution.

This bug does not occur in 1.17.x and below. It is fixed in 1.19 and above. It seems to only exist in 1.18.x.


To use in dev, add this to the repositories block in build.gradle:

    maven {

       // FeatureNBTDeadlockBeGone

       url ""   


Then in dependencies block in build.gradle, add:


runtimeOnly fg.deobf("com.telepathicgrunt:FeatureNBTDeadlockBeGone-Forge:2.0.0+1.18.2")


modRuntimeOnly "com.telepathicgrunt:FeatureNBTDeadlockBeGone-Fabric:2.0.0+1.18.2"


modRuntimeOnly "com.telepathicgrunt:FeatureNBTDeadlockBeGone-Quilt:2.0.0+1.18.2"

Change 2.0.0+1.18.2 to the version you want.