Final Beta

Final Beta


A (Cursed) Fabric mod for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 that adds some quality of life changes and fixes some issues.

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Created8 months ago
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Quality of Life changes

  • Fences now use a slim hitbox
  • Config option to remove nightmares when sleeping (disabled by default)
  • Config option to disable beds entirely, both for sleeping and spawn setting (disabled by default)
  • Chicken's height adjusted to 0.7 from 0.4 so its easier to hit
  • Shift key can be used to exit vehicles
  • Holding shift key while dropping an item will drop the entire stack
  • Boat breaking config with multiple options:
    • 0 - Vanilla behavior
    • 1 - Boats will never break
    • 2 (default) - Boats will only break when crashing at near max velocity
  • Play time for both ingame days and real life days shown in the F3 overlay
    • NOTE: Unfortunately due to how the time is tracked real life days will start being counted since this mod gets installed, any prior time not being tracked. Ingame days will however be tracked correctly.
  • Items can now be repaired in crafting tables, the formula used for this is the same as modern day vanilla repairs
  • Dyed wool can now be crafted back into white wool by using bone meal
  • Added the following new config options for all the above QoL changes and fixes from below:
    • Disable ID Tags
    • Slim Hitbox for Fences
    • Remove Nightmares
    • Disable Beds
    • Boat Breaking Logic
    • Drop Held Stack
    • Enable Time Tracking
    • Enable Item Repair
    • Enable White Wool Recipe
    • Fix Bookshelves Drops
    • Fix Double Doors


  • Mixins will now soft fail instead of causing a crash
  • Bookshelves will drop 3 books when mined
  • Disabled entity ids showing while the F3 overlay is enabled
  • Fixed double doors not playing nicely with pressure plates
    • NOTE: Not the prettiest of fixes but assuming you don't have some hundred thousand or more doors in your world it should be more than fine. If you have any problems with them being a bit off in their timings break them and place them down again. Placing the doors after the pressure plates, instead of before, might help too.

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