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Flowers & Mooblooms

Flowers and Mooblooms adds colorful Mooblooms and growable flowers!

Flowers and Mooblooms Features

  • 🐮 Mooblooms!
    • Mooblooms grow flowers out of their backs.
    • Come in 13 variants, one for each flower
    • Spawn in Flower forest, Sunflower Plains, and Meadow biomes!
    • Mooblooms eat grass to grow their flowers
    • Use bonemeal to accelerate growth once a flower has sprouted
    • Use shears to harvest flowers (Dispensers work too!)
    • Feed a Moobloom a flower seed when no flower has sprouted to change its type
  • 🌼 Growable Flowers!
    • Grow your own flowers from seeds.
    • Collect flower seeds from tall grass in any biome you can find each flower.
  • 📈 Florist Villager
    • Trade flowers and seeds for emeralds
    • Uses any Potted Flower as a workstation
    • Only source of wither rose seeds

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