-- Officially made obsolete by 1.19.3 (... unless you enable the mod's option to fully kill the screen)! --

Say goodbye to seeing the loading screen for 2-5 seconds when joining a server or switching worlds Since 1.18.2, the client only quits the world loading screen once the chunk it is in has been received... and at least 2 seconds have passed.

By default, the mod fixes that behavior. Additionally, you can also fully get rid of the screen. This mod also happens to fix an infinite-loading issue with Sodium on Paper servers on join/respawn.

Yeeting the screen entirely

If you want to fully kill the screen, you can toggle a config option (you need modmenu and Cloth Config API for that). Keep in mind this reintroduces a client bug where you can briefly (only visually) fall through the world if your network connection is slow or the server is loading chunks very slowly after a world change.

Here are video comparisons of Vanilla vs. the mod with the instant-close option enabled:

Server joining (1 vs. 3 seconds)

Server join

World changing (0 vs. 2 seconds)

World change

Credits to the well-thought-out name and amazing icon go to mdcfe.

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