Force Disable Easter Eggs

Force Disable Easter Eggs


A mod to disable easter eggs in places that do not have an option to disable said easter eggs.

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Force Disable Easter Eggs

This is a Minecraft mod for Quilt (/Fabric) to disable easter eggs that do not have an explicit option or setting to disable them. Designed for Quilt 1.20.1.

Licensed under MIT.

Removed Easter Eggs

Currently, the following easter eggs are disabled:

  • Halloween splash text
  • Christmas splash text
  • New year splash text
  • Christmas present texture for chests
  • <USERNAME> IS YOU splash text
  • Pirate speak trigger from recipe book
  • Visual flipping of entities named Grumm and Dinnerbone
  • Deadmau5-specific ears and name tag placement
  • Evokers changing the color of blue sheep to red
  • "Minceraft" logo on title screen
  • Animated rainbow color for sheep wool
  • missingno as an error message in item tooltips
  • Disqualification of This message will never appear on the splash screen, isn't that weird? splash text
  • Unobtainable, Halloween-only pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns on the heads of zombies
  • Splash texts in crash logs ("witty comments")
  • Splash texts in profile results

Easter Eggs to be kept

The following easter eggs are NOT considered for removal:

  • Hostile rabbit, kept due to gameplay implications. There may be adventure maps and data packs that use hostile rabbits.
  • Universally hostile vindicator named Johnny, kept due to gameplay implications. There are farms and grinders that use Johnny vindicators.
  • Toast the Bunny, kept as it is a memorial.

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