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The main focus of Fruitful Fun is to expand the farming aspect of the game and provide players with more in-depth and impressive experiences. In this mod you will be able to unlock many fruitful items by exploring the world and improving your farming skills.

New Fruit Trees 🌳

Fruit falls off the tree

Fruitful Fun adds 11 new fruits to the game. Most of the fruits are not generated in the world. Instead, you must obtain them in other fun ways. If there is no people to harvest the fruits, the tree will stop growing fruit after a while. But with the help of a special goat horn, you can harvest all the nearby fruits at once.

Pollination and Crossbreeding 🐝

Bee is helping to crossbreed the tree

If a bee pollinates different types of trees or flowers, it can probably produce some interesting effects. By pollinating some specific blocks, you can get new fruit saplings that are more nutritious and valuable.

Beekeeping and Genetics 🧬

Bee Inspector

Bees now have different traits and they basically inherit according to Mendel's law. You can unlock some new perks and looks, and even be able to ride on a flying bee. In each new world, the genes will have a random code, so you will have to guess their effects each time. Here provides a mutagen, using it on parents can let you influence the genes of their baby a little bit. (Jade mod is highly recommended for viewing genetic and pollination information.)

Fruit-themed Foods 🍰


Several new placeable foods have been added to the game. We hope to introduce a diverse food culture from around the world. The Farmer's Delight integration will also be enabled if you have the mod installed.

NOTE: This description page is for Minecraft 1.20.1+. Older versions have many differences and no longer receive updates.

Commercial Use

Redistribution of this mod or its assets is not allowed, especially for commercial purposes. But you can include this mod in the server pack of your modpack.

Farmer's Delight Integration Information

On Fabric, There are two ports of the original project. Fruitful Fun works with any of them (Farmer's Delight Refabricated / Farmer's Delight [Fabric]). And if it doesn't, please open an issue on GitHub.

Known Incompatible Mods (not my fault!)

Game Mechanic Details ✨


Mutagen can dramatically increase the mutation rate of a specific gene. To use it, right-click on the parent bee before mating. The mutagen is produced at the brewing stand, and if you get an unwanted mutagen, you can simply craft it into an empty bottle.

Bee Inspector

Bees have 4 genes:

  • RC: Determines the rain capability.
  • FC: Determines the appearance and wither tolerance.
  • FT1 and FT2: Determines features like speed, health, and the ability to be ridden or do advanced pollination.

Use the Bee Inspector to view a bee's genes, traits, and pollens. If you have a writable book on your off-hand, you can record the information and trait description in the book.

Riding Bees

To ride a bee, you need to put a saddle on it first. The bee must have the "rideable" trait, and is bred by you. You can't put saddle on a baby bee.

While riding, you can't fly higher than 15 blocks. If your bee doesn't have the "rain-capable" trait, it will refuse to fly in the rain.

Use shears to remove the saddle.

Redlove Fruit

Redlove Fruit is a special fruit that can be obtained from the crossbreeding. Eating it will regenerate a small amount of your health. More importantly, it can be used to reduce the cooldown of animal breeding.

Dragon Ritual

The dragon ritual

The Dragon Ritual is a convenient local way to produce Dragon Breath. The structure requires candles and one or more dragon heads. The kind of supporting blocks doesn't matter. Once the structure is set up, you will only need to use a Chorus Fruit Pie to activate it. The more Dragon Heads you use, the more Dragon Breath you will get.

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