General Usage

Take some paper, string and slime and craft some ~duct tape~ gift paper. Dye it like you want and right-click to wrap a block.

Break the gift to carry it around and offer it your friends. Right-click again to unwrap it.

Per default gift paper will get damaged from wrapping and unwrapping gifts with it. This behavior is configurable.


Dispensers can place gifts down and shear them to unwrap them. Push a gift with a piston to let it drop itself (similar to the shulker box).

Other stuff

Try renaming your gift/gift paper and then unwrap it. 😉

Official Trailer

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In the config file you can set number of times gift paper can be used. This configuration can also be accessed ingame through Mod Menu.

You may want to blacklist certain blocks from being wrapped. E.g. per default these are bedrock and gifts.

The blacklist is implemented through the block tag #giftit:nonwrappable. To change this list globally you may want to use Cotton to load a global datapack.

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