A serverside mod for customizing death messsages!

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A serverside mod for customizing death messsages!

Don't ask about the name


The config file is config/girlbossed.json

There are two types of deaths: Entity deaths and other deaths

You can set a death messages to only apply to certain players

Entity deaths are deaths that are caused by another entity or mob and they have an extra attacker value.

Other deaths don't have an attacker value.

A config file would look like something like this:

  "entityDeaths": [
      "type": "arrow", // you can see a list of death types below
      "attacker": "minecraft:skeleton",
      "deathMessage": "%1$s was shot by %2$s", // %1$s gets replaced by the player name and %2$s would be the attacker entity's name 
      "players": [] // you can make a death message only apply to certain players, leave empty to apply to all players
  "otherDeaths": [
      "type": "fall",
      "deathMessage": "%s couldn't girlboss gravity", // %s gets replaced by player name
        "Tuxinal",  // player names are case sensitive
        "steve"     // there can be multiple players

Death types

Entity deaths

  • any: any deaths that are caused by entities. will override any other configurations
  • sting
  • mob: mostly melee damage (llama spit and shulker bullet also count as mob damage)
  • player
  • arrow
  • trident
  • fireworks
  • onFire: ghast and blaze fireballs
  • witherSkull
  • indirectMagic: harming potions, evoker fangs, guardian beam
  • thorns
  • thrown: eggs, enderpearls, snowballs (you can't actually kill with these they are just in the game (except maybe enderpearls, I'm unsure))
  • explosion.player: Explosions made by entities NOT JUST PLAYERS

Other deaths

  • inFire: campfires
  • onFire: other sources of fire
  • lightningBolt
  • lava
  • hotFloor: magma blocks
  • inWall: suffocation damage
  • cramming: entity cramming damage
  • drown
  • starve
  • cactus
  • wither
  • fall
  • flyIntoWall
  • outOfWorld: /kill and falling into the void
  • anvil
  • fallingBlock
  • dragonBreath
  • sweetBerryBush
  • freeze
  • fallingStalactite
  • stalagmite
  • explosion explosions that do not have a specific attacker (dispenser dropping tnt, etc)

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