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Drops the required OpenGL version to 3.1. By ReeceXW


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DEPRECATED -- Please use ForceGL20 instead.

Old description

This is a one-mixin mod for 1.17+ that should allow people to use an older version of OpenGL with Minecraft. This is a temporary workaround for people with older computers (2010 and older or so) to play on 1.17, if they were able to play on 1.16. It will still use a newer version if supported, but if it's not supported, it will fall back to 3.1 at the earliest.


WARNING! This may be slightly unstable, and some resource packs and/or mods may not work. It should work with Sodium, but no guarantees. Incompatibilities will not be fixed.

Mod by ReeceXW, posted in Fabricord. This is simply a way to allow it to be accessible to more people. Because the fabric.mod.json had CC0-1.0 listed as the license, I am considering this to be public domain.