Get Off My Lawn ReServed

Get Off My Lawn ReServer is a take on the popular concept of player claims for Survival/Freebuild Fabric servers. This mod works fully server side (no client mod required!) while being compatible with major Fabric modpacks

This project is a fork Get Off My Lawn by Draylar, with main focus on improving and building on top of original.

Getting started

To get started, you'll have to craft a Claim Anchor. Each anchor has a different (configurable by admin) claim radius; after placing one, a box around it will be formed. This box is yours!

Makeshift, default radius of 10

Reinforced, default radius of 25


Glistening, default radius of 50


Crystal, default radius of 75


Emeradic, default radius of 125


Withered, default radius of 200


To see claim areas, you'll have to craft a Goggles of (Claim) Revealing:

When this item equipped in the helmet, mainhand or offhand slot, claim outlines become visible.

Claim configuration:

To configure your claim, you can interact with the anchor block. A UI will appear that offers several configuration options:

  • The player list can be used to add and remove access of players to your claim
  • The Augment list, that can be used for checking and configuring active augments

Claim upgrades:

To upgrade your claim, place an Anchor Augment next to the core Claim Anchor. Anchor Augments available include:

  • Ender Binding: Prevents Enddermen from teleporting
  • Villager Core: Prevents Zombies from damaging Villagers
  • Visitor Greeter: MOTD to visitors
  • Angelic Aura: Regen to all players inside region
  • Withering Seal: Prevents wither status effect
  • Forceful Ejection: non-whitelisted players get launched out of the claim
  • Heaven's Wings: flight
  • Lake Spirit's Grace: water breathing, water sight, and better breathing
  • Defender's Right: pets & golems do 100% more damage to hostile mobs
  • Chaos Zone: Strength to all players inside region


You can find config file in ./config/getoffmylawn.json. To reload it, just type /goml admin reload in chat/console.

  "makeshiftRadius": 10,                // Radius of makeshift claim
  "reinforcedRadius": 25,               // Radius of reinforced claim
  "glisteningRadius": 50,               // Radius of glistening claim
  "crystalRadius": 75,                  // Radius of crystal claim
  "emeradicRadius": 125,                // Radius of emeradic claim
  "witheredRadius": 200,                // Radius of withered claim
  "claimProtectsFullWorldHeight": false,// Makes claim protect area from bottom of the world to top
  "dimensionBlacklist": [               // Allows to blacklist specific dimensions
  "regionBlacklist": {                  // Allows to blacklist specific regions
    "example:dim": [
        x1: -200,
        y1: -64,
        z1: -200,
        x2: 200,
        y2: 512,
        z2: 200,
  "enabledAugments": {                  // Allows to enable/disable augments per their id
    "goml:lake_spirit_grace": true,
    "goml:angelic_aura": true,
    "goml:greeter": true,
    "goml:force_field": true,
    "goml:village_core": true,
    "goml:withering_seal": true,
    "goml:ender_binding": true,
    "goml:heaven_wings": true,
    "goml:chaos_zone": true
  "allowedBlockInteraction": [          // Allows to interact with specific blocks in claim
  "allowedEntityInteraction": [         // Allows to interact with specific entities in claim
  "messagePrefix": "<dark_gray>[<#a1ff59>GOML</color>]", // Default prefix used in messages
  "placeholderNoClaimInfo": "<gray><italic>Wilderness",
  "placeholderNoClaimOwners": "<gray><italic>Nobody",
  "placeholderNoClaimTrusted": "<gray><italic>Nobody",
  "placeholderClaimCanBuildInfo": "${owners} <gray>(<green>${anchor}</green>)",
  "placeholderClaimCantBuildInfo": "${owners} <gray>(<red>${anchor}</red>)"


Get Off My Lawn ReServed is available under the MIT license. The project, code, and assets found in this repository are available for free public use (as long as credited).

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