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Mod on hold warning

I haven't played Minecraft since 1.16, but I kept my mods updated because people wanted them. Unfortunately, Minecraft changed a lot of internals with 1.19.4, and updating isn't just a matter of changing a few things, it'll also mean figuring out a lot about how it works now. I currently don't have the time and energy to do this, so there won't be a 1.19.4 update in the forseeable future. Sorry for that to everybody who uses my mods.

Some mods (which don't use a gui) will still work, but everything that has a settings or configuration screen won't, so you might still see updates to some of my mods.

GrabCraft is a site that has tons of MineCraft builds to build yourself and use in your own worlds. However, its schema display is quite small, and only shows colors for different block types (so you need to mouse hover every single one to see what it is), making it extremely hard to build something from their specifications.

This mod helps modernizing their build plans by converting them into .litematic files, which can be read and uses directly by Litematica.

Navigate the GrabCraft site to the build you're interested in, copy the URL, paste it into this mod, and you'll get a nice Litematica file you can open directly.

Here's a video to show how it works:

To open the download GUI, you'll need to press the Y key - can be configured in Options/Controls.

Rotation of stairs, rails, ladders, ...., incorrect?

Unfortunately, GrabCraft uses its own description list which needs manual mapping to MineCraft internals. My mapping file contains over 1000 rows of "which GrabCraft description corresponds to which Minecraft description", but some details are missing. Even worse, GrabCraft isn't consistent - a stair that's "low" on the south side and "high" on the north side has a "north stair" description in some GrabCraft models, and a "south stair" description in others.

I will, eventually, add a "swap north/south and east/west" checkbox to the mod so you can import "the other way round" if the default doesn't work.

Also, if you're technically inclined, you're welcome to send improvements to my mapping file on GitHub - see there:

Getting an error: " PKIX path building"?

This happens with the version of Java that comes with Minecraft, which is quite old - too old to understand the security certificate that's used by GrabCraft.

The version 0.3 of this mod fixes that problem by adding in a newer certificate. Even when that version says "1.16.4" because it was compiled against 1.16.4 Minecraft, it works from 1.16.2 on!

So, use the 1.16.4....0.3 version of the mod, it will work from MC 1.16.2 on and fix the ValidatorException problem.

Expert mode

From version 0.4 on, you can swap block definitions when importing builds. For example, if the original uses cobblestone, but you want blackstone instead, you can make the importer translate "Cobblestone" into "minecraft:blackstone" instead of the default "minecraft:cobblestone".

This needs you to fiddle with the block states file, which needs some experience with editing files manually and keeping the format. So, unless you're comfortable with that, please don't try. There is no support for this option. If it works for you, great, but if it doesn't, I won't help you.

Edit the config file and change the expert mode value from false to true. After restarting Minecraft, the download GUI shows a new button "download blockmap only". Pressing this creates a csv file, named like the schematics, that has all the blocks this build uses and how they'd normally map to minecraft blocks and states.

Edit this file, keeping its format intact. Change the block IDs in column B and, if you'd like to, the states in the following columns to what you want them to be. Save the file. Then, press the "download litematic" button. The mod will use your file instead of the default.

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