Gravity Changer (qouteall fork)

Gravity Changer (qouteall fork)


Change gravity direction

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Provides gravity changing functionality and API.

Note: this mod is based on but different to Gravity API by Fusion Flux. This is a fork of Gravity API from Fusion Flux that is on Fabric (Immersive Portals mod depends on gravity changing mod but a Fabric mod cannot depend on a Quilt mod). The Gravity API mod is originally based on the Gravity Changer mod by Gaider10.

The latest version of this mod provides:

  • Gravity effects and potions
  • Gravity anchor
  • Gravity plate that generates gravity field. Its effect range can be customized.

These things are not obtainable on normal survival.

Some code and resources come from AmethystGravity mod.

Note: the version 0.9.0 is incompatible with Quilt.


This mod's commands are different to Gravity API's. These are the commands in the latest version of this mod:

/gravity set_base_direction <direction> [entities] sets the base gravity direction. (The base direction can be overridden by other things including effects, gravity anchor and gravity plating). Without [entities] argument it will target the command sender (the same applies to all commands). Examples: /gravity set_base_direction up /gravity set_base_direction up @e[type=!minecraft:player]

/gravity set_base_strength <strength> [entities] sets the base gravity strength. The strength effects will multiply on the base strength (instead of overriding it). Examples: /gravity set_base_strength 0.5 /gravity set_base_strength 0.5 @e

/gravity view shows the base gravity direction and strength of the command sender.

/gravity reset [entities] reset the base gravity direction and strength.

/gravity randomize_base_direction [entities] sets the base direction as a random direction.

/gravity set_relative_base_direction <relativeDirection> [entities] sets the gravity direction as a direction relative to the entity's viewing direction. The <relativeDirection> can be forward, backward, left, right, up or down.

/gravity set_dimension_gravity_strength <strength> sets the dimensional gravity strength for the current dimension.

/gravity view_dimension_info shows the dimensional gravity strength for the current dimension.

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