GuGu Utils

GuGu Utils

Add compatibility to Modular Machinery and tweaks for Botania, also some bug fixes

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This is a mod initially made for a modpack that is still in progress(maybe never finish…)

However, with an increasing number of things added to it,it finally becoome large and I decided to release it.

Mainy add compatibility to Modular Machinery and tweaks for Botania

Through some of the functionalities had been implemented by other mods.

All things are configuable!

Current Functionalities

Modular Machinery Addons

  • Mana Hatches: Provides a better mana hatch that can attach sparkles on it. (Botaina)
  • Astral Hatches: Starlight and constellations support, sightly different with modular magic's one.
  • Ember Hacthes: Supports the new ember pipe in large hatches
  • Environment Detector: Supports dimensions, time, biomes, moonphases, height and weather detect.
  • Energy Port: An energy output hatch without limit.
  • Aura Hatch: Support Nature's Aura aura.
  • Aspect Hatch: Support Thaumcraft's aspect, also it can drain from jars!
  • Comressed Air Hatch: Support Pneumatic Craft's compressed air.

Botaina Addons

  • a lens: Lens overclocking (More mana but more loss)
  • a lens: Lens transform (Transform item with mana burst)
  • Many tweaks for mana generates
  • Mana generate decreases when there is more than 8 flowers in certain area for Endoflame
  • Gaia will increase difficulty when there are other players join. Some minor tweaks(configuable)


  • Fix: blood magic's Flight will be infinte when cross dimensions.
  • A new psi trick: accelerate.


  • All the mods concening this mod and their authors, Mainly Modular Machinery
  • Modular Magic / Modulay Diversity for inspirations