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HAEMA: Become A Vampire

Hi! If you're a content creator or server owner looking to customise Haema or have a custom addon made, please do get in touch on the discord, linked below!

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Haema lets you be a vampire, have a whole new playstyle, and unlock new abilities.

As you play, you'll unlock new abilities, such as:

  • Better night vision
  • A dash ability
  • Sleeping in the day
  • Invisibility
  • Higher max health
  • More strength

Vampires cannot die unless the killing blow is struck by certain things... but those things are much more dangerous to vampires! Beware of:

  • The Sun
  • Wooden Swords
  • Smite
  • And more...

Create the Book of Blood to learn more about being a vampire: craft it with a book and an awkward potion:

Book + Awkward = BoB

Loads of things are configurable, with Game Rules and Data Packs.

Becoming a Vampire

Find vampire blood in a dungeon, temple, or from a cleric villager. Then craft a vampire blood injector, and use it on yourself while you have Strength II to become a vampire*.

If you have Origins installed, you can also choose vampire as an origin.

If you have Bewitchment installed, you can become a vampire the Bewitchment way.

Surviving as a Vampire

Vampires don't have hunger - they need blood.

Feed by shift-right-clicking on mobs - you can only feed from some, and some will give you better blood than others.

Beware feeding from awake villagers, they may call for Vampire Hunters!

Vampire Hunters

Upgrade your abilities with a Ritual Altar:

Ritual Altar

(To see all rituals, right-click on a ritual table with the Book of Blood in your hand!)

Good luck on your vampiric quest!

Mod Integrations

Origins Logo Origins

Bewitchment Logo Bewitchment

Rat's Mischief Logo Rat's Mischief

Flan LogoFlan

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Patchouli Logo Patchouli

Requiem Logo Requiem

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How can I configure Haema?

Haema's gameplay can be configured through gamerules and datapack tags. There is a seperate client config available through modmenu.

How do I turn back into a human?

If you became a vampire through Origins, you can only become human again through Origins (e.g. with the Orb of Origin or the /origin command), and the process is only complete after you die.

If you became a vampire with the injector, you can deconvert with an empty injector and a weakness potion.

Community Translations:

  • zh_cn by WuzgXY & TUsama

Haema was originally made for ModFest 1.16 - go check them out!

Requires Fabric API + FLK.

External resources

Project members



Technical information

Client side
Server side
Project ID