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Inspired by the likes of Techguns, Team Fortress 2, Doom, and a few other oddities, Happiness (is a) Warm Gun is a simple-yet-detailed gun mod for Fabric 1.16/1.17/1.18/1.19. Happiness (is a) Warm Gun, or HWG, shoots for (pun intended) a pleasant, interesting-yet-not-overdetailed and simple-yet-in-depth and intuitive gun mod, to add a new class of weapons. HWG also aims for fairly simply models, all made in json, rather than overmodeled and 32x or higher assets, while still giving the player carefully modeled items. In addition, the Overworld is patrolled by gun-toting Illagers, sneaky Illager spies, and the nether is stalked by horrific Technodemons! Time to rip and tea... erm... slash and shoot... until its done.

Getting Started

First, you will want to gather a good amount of iron, gunpowder, levers, gold nuggets, and similar common ingredients. You should be able to craft a few basic firearms this way with the help of a Gun Table. In addition, weapons may drop from Merc and Spy Illagers.

However, you are only able to craft some of the more basic weapons, try getting a Villager interested in your Gun Table, which will turn them into a Gunsmith. They will offer some stronger and more specific weapons due to their profession.

However, if you still need superior firepower, one must enter the very depths of hell itself. Technodemons dot the burning wastes of the realm, and you may be able to acquire some of their weapons by slaying them.

And finally, a few unique weapons can only be found in loot chests.


Q: What version is this mod for?

A: HWG is for 1.16.5+ Fabric. Last Minecraft version will be the maintained version.

Q: How do I craft guns?

A: You must first create a Gun Table, then gather a good amount of resources, which will allow you to make some basic firearms and ammo. After that, you can get a Villager interested in your Gun Table to make them take the Gunsmith profession, and many of the more advanced guns can be acquired though trade. However, a few weapons are only mob drops or treasure.

Q: Can I use this mod in a modpack?

A: Go right ahead! Given your modpack follows the usual ToS. I'd also ask you for the pack to be hosted on Curseforge, but I won't stop you if you want to include it in a Technic pack or similar.

Q: Can I include this mod in a showcase or let's play?

A: Of course! Also, if you do decide to do a review on this mod, please shoot me a link!

Q: Will you backport/port to Forge?

A: No to both. I would also please ask you to not port this mod to Forge either. In addition, we will not backport to any earlier versions of Fabric.


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Want a more western or 1800s look to HWG? Try RebelT's resource pack!



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