Modify all the things, then do it again! Fabric port of Tinkers' Construct

Client and server EquipmentTechnologyUtility

Created2 years ago
Updated4 days ago

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Fixed crash with bumblezone

Fixed issue with not being able to pour liquids into casting channels

  • Fixed crash when taking items from part builder
  • Fixed not shields taking durability damage when blocking attacks
  • Should fix piercing damage not working and general damage source issues
  • Fixed double jump modifier not working

To see full change log go here)

  • Rewrote transfer (expect some bugs)
  • Some items modifiers relating to containing items should work now.

Expect some possible bugs with this very so tread with caution

Fix client transfer issues

Fixed tool background displays way outside of the GUI. Fixed Mangrove, Cherry and Bamboo wood couldn't be used for Wooden parts. Fixed Client crash while trying to render Hephaestus potion fluid. Fixed All Scorched/Seared Duct/Drain/Chute variants render as a brick variant in the world

Fixed issue with side inventories

Fixed crash when looking at certain models in the inventory

Modifiers can now be favorited with REI Item modifiers that use a item storage such as tool belt should now work. Some internal fixes related to client tool interactions. Fixed Kama not being able to harvest blocks

Switch to REA for reach attributes fixing compatibility with a couple of mods

Update to 1.20.1

  • Fixed Bucketing and Melting modifiers
  • Fixed Soulbound modifier not working

Fix Kama not being able to shear sheep and possible other entity related interactions

REI support is no longer being maintained, a warning about this has been put in-game which can be disabled in the client config.

Added REI compact to allow recipe transfer to work on work stations

Same patch notes as


Fabric patch notes:

  • Fix "Bouncy" ability not negating fall damage.
  • Fix not being able to interact with entities while wearing a Hephaestus chestplate.


Initial Fabric release

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