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A fleshed out enchant level increaser mod

Original essentially a ripoff of limitless, now with more features

This mod was original created for 1.17 as a ripoff of limitless, it now supports many more features than just increasing the max level of enchantments.

Current features;

  • changes anvil limit (configurable)
  • enchants loot
  • makes higher level librarians better at enchanting
  • increases bookshelf detection area and changes pattern
  • config allows change of max level of all enchants
  • limit for command enchant is increased further
  • limit to level 255 removed completely
  • supports being run server side
  • max level of command enchants increased
  • Librarian villagers can now be given gold or gold blocks to increase enchanted book level
  • craft enchanted books with diamonds to decrease their cost in the anvil interface (only supported on non-serverside version)

Upcoming features;

  • Optional overwriting language files the roman numerals of enchants over level X (Disabled by default)
  • I will continue work on this page in the future


  • Feel free to use this mod in a modpack or on a server
  • Refer to the github source page for details on usage of my code, and collaboration

Config, Specifics, etc.

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