Horizontal Portals

Horizontal Portals

Adds Horizontal Nether Portals, Vertical End Portals and Aether Portals if The Aether is present.

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Horizontal Portals/Fractal Portals adds horizontal and vertical portal variants for Vanilla and Mods.

  • Added horizontal Nether Portals which you can create with Crying Obsidian Blocks in a minimum 4x4 to a maximum 21x21 configuration.

  • Added support for The Aether Reborn portals if the mod is present. You can create the portal with Shroomlight and ignite the portal with a bucket of water.

  • Added vertical End Portals which can be created using Ender Frames and ignite the portal with Dragon's Breath.

  • Added vertical and horizontal Eden Ring Portals which can be created using Eden Frames and ignite the portal with Amethyst Shard.
  • (Added support for Repurposed Structures' ruined end portals to generate with Ender Frames instead of Obsidian)

  • Added support for Mining Dimensions.

Ender Frame Recipe :

Ender Frame Recipe

Eden Frame Recipe :

Ender Frame Recipe

Horizontal Nether Portal examples

The Aether horizontal portal

Vertical End Portal


- Compatibility with Repurposed Structures.

- Support for Eden Ring portal.