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Horse Buff

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Improve horses by removing stupid stuff and adding useful stuff.

Server Changes:

Horses Sit in Rafts

Rafts only because its impossible to break boats when they are in a boat.

player sitting in a bamboo raft in a river with a horse

Fix rubber banding on stairs/slabs "Horse moved wrongly!" (MC-100830)

side by side comparison of going up a staircase with/without the mod. The without frequently goes back a couple of steps in a disorienting manner. The with doesn't have that and results in travel being faster

Saddled Horses don't wander

horse standing in place with a saddle on, extremely sped up

Remove break speed debuff

Normally being mounted on a horse makes you mine at 1/5 the speed. Now you can actually do stuff on horseback

side by side of mining sand on a horse with/without it enabled. It is significantly faster on horseback

Improve "Step Height" capability

Increases horse step-height from 1 block to 1.1 blocks.
This makes riding horses around path blocks way less frustrating.

side by side comparison of going down a path with the mod. Horse stops dead at a 1.1 block jump with it off, continues going without a hitch with it on

Client Changes:

Allow swimming while Mounted

Normally Horses will sink in water when you are riding them. This makes you float on the surface as if they weren't mounted. The default config turns this ability off for undead horses and camels.

swimming in river on horseback without sinking

Prevent "Bucking"

Normally horses will randomly "Buck", stopping dead in their tracks while you are riding them. This prevents them from doing that.

Fade Horse as you look down

going down a hill into a cave, looking down through horse for better navigation

Horse Head Pitch offset

Option to lower horse's head down up to 45 degrees to improve visibility.

comparison of 0 vs 45 degree offset

Horses named `jeb_` become rainbow

Jeb_ rainbow horse, like the sheep easter egg

Hotkey to open survival inventory


  • Pre 1.20.2
    • Horse Buff pulls from your Minecraft keybinds, so if you change your inventory/sprint key, that will change what you need to press to access your survival inventory
  • Post 1.20.2
    • A keybind for opening your inventory while on a horse has been added. ALT + Inv (ALT + E) is now the default, but you can change it to whatever you like

Legacy features (removed due to them being added to the game officially)

[Server Side] Allow travel through portals without dismounting (1.16.5 - 1.20.6)

Minecraft Bug Tracker (MC-67) [Fixed] going through a nether portal on horseback without dismounting going through an end portal on horseback without dismounting

[Server Side] Better Breeding Logic (1.16.5 - 1.19.3)
  1. Take average of the parents' traits
  2. Random amount added/subtracted from said average
    • +/- 10% of range between max and min
  3. clamp to vanilla min/max stat


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