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A fabric mod for Minecraft that adds better HUD configuration.


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A fabric mod that adds better customization to the HUD.

This mod is still in beta. There are plenty of bugs left to fix and plenty of features left to add. If you want to report a bug or request a feature, please do so here.

Since version 1.2, this mod requires Fabric API to run. Previous versions do not have this requirement.

Requires Fabric API

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Known bugs:

  • customization gui when not in game is broken (fixed)
  • element borders in customization gui doesn't show up on some hardware (i guess it just works now?)

Known missing features (will be added):

  • add the rest of the built in hud elements
  • better focusing in the customization gui (done)
  • dedicated customization gui button (done)
  • hud config profiles, including built in ones
  • save/load button for config
  • finish mod api and documentation
  • complete disconnection from FAPI (done, but had to JIJ resource loader)
  • vertical hotbar
  • debug menu (F3) text resizing

Possible features:

  • (eventually this will have things)

Mod Compatability

Other mods that add elements to the HUD can implement the HUDTweaks API. A guide can be found on the wiki. If you feel that there is anything wrong with the API that could be changed, you can open an issue or contact me directly on discord (burger#0007).