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Illager Expansion (Polymer Port)

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Illager Expansion ported to Server Side™

cursedmagic mobs

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Illager Expansion (Polymer Port)

Illager Expansion is mod focused around bringing more content to the mysterious Illagers in minecraft. From new strucutres to mobs and items we have you covered. Will you be able to find all of the secrets of the Illagers before its to late?

What can I expect?

  • 5 new structures
  • 10 new enemies
  • 19 new items
  • A new boss
  • Enhanced Raids
  • Revamped Mansions

Polymer Port

This is "Polymer Port" of Illager Expansion [Rematch]. If you want it for singleplayer/modpack, use original instead of this version, as it's intended for vanilla-compatible fabric/quilt servers.

Entity textures reworked by Skajunia