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  • Added option to disable immersive cursedness by default
  • Updated to 1.19 by @bs2kbs2k
  • The minimum Y level is no longer hardcoded

Ported to 1.18 by Vaneixus

Minor bugfixes

Updated to 1.17

New in this release:

  • Proper logging
  • Fixed some bugs with interdimensional block placing/breaking/interactions

New in this release:

  • Fixes a compatibility bug with WorldEdit
  • Batch block updates for a massive performance increase
  • Fix bugs where parts of the other dimension still showed up
  • Fix bug with increased cpu usage (thanks to JustSnoopy)

Fixes a crash when placing blocks near portals

+Interdimensional block breaking/placing/interacting +/portal toggle command to enable/disable immersive portals per person +Config for tweaking things +Massive performance increase

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