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Incorporeal 3

Addon to a magic mod. More toys for Botania corporea dorks. For 1.18.2.


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incorporeal 1 for 1.12: here

incorporeal 2 for 1.16: here

HEY REAL QUICK this is a Beta release. There will be jank, certain recipes and textures are missing, game balance might be a bit iffy. I just wanted to release something rather than nothing.

Also make sure you get the jar for the correct modloader(thats right babeyyyy i made the addon for fabric AND forge!!!!!!!!)

Incorporeal is a Botania addon that adds more things for corporea networks, Botania's item storage and transport system. The aim is to expand the possibilities of corporea networks, while keeping in the spirit of what Botania is: a puzzly mod about logistical chains and janky redstone setups that you can lose yourself for hours in. Incorporeal adds items and blocks, sure, but what it really adds is new puzzles to solve, and new challenges to overcome.

This is the third iteration, for 1.18.2. The old favorites from the 1.12 and 1.16 iterations of the mod return, with some new additions:

  • the Red Stringed Constrictor, allowing your machinery to access inventory slots out-of-order.
  • Compressed Tiny Potatoes make their return, from "Botania Tweaks" for 1.12.
  • An all-new system for reading and writing "datums" from the world (which is a work-in-progress, as is tradition)
  • Corporea Pylons, for easily expanding corporea networks without needing to place a million sparks.
  • The Bound Ender Pearl, a reusable enderpearl that can be sent over your corporea network and dispatched via Dispenser.

Some existing mechanics have received a fresh coat of paint as well.