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Sodium addon providing support for the Fabric Rendering API, based on Indigo


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Created a year ago
Updated 16 days ago

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Fix Indium not rendering replaced models (PepperCode1)

Fix Indium not rendering replaced models (PepperCode1, backported)

Fix vanilla Ambient Occlusion (not enabled by default, but caused an error in the log)

Updated for 1.19/Sodium 0.4.2 (IMS212)

  • Use Sodium's occlusion cache for improved performance (Moodsss)
  • "Modernize Indigo" changes: (IMS212, PepperCode1)
    • Fix QuadView#copyTo inconsistency with specification
    • Fix enchantment glint not rendering on item models using ItemRenderContext
    • Improve vertex consumer caching in ItemRenderContext
    • Restructure quad rendering to be more efficient and consistent with block rendering in ItemRenderContext
    • Fix typos
    • Add @Unique annotations to fields added by Indigo mixins

Updated for Minecraft 1.18.2/Sodium 0.4.1

  • Optimize terrain building by using Sodium's ChunkModelBuilder directly
  • Fix compatibility with Sodium's "animate only visible textures" option
  • Port recent Indigo bug fixes
  • Restructure and rename classes to be more consistent
  • Update build dependencies and gitignore
  • Add FREX incompatibility error message

Updated for Sodium 0.4.0-alpha6

Updated for Minecraft 1.18/Sodium 0.4.0-alpha5

Updated to support Sodium 0.3.3

Initial release for Minecraft 1.17.1/Sodium 0.3.0

Initial release for Minecraft 1.16.5/Sodium 0.2.0