IndyPets - Independent Pets

IndyPets - Independent Pets


Free your pets from the curse of having to sit, let 'em roam!

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IndyPets - Independent Pets

Free Your Pets!

Brought over from CurseForge, originally developed by lizin5ths, now officially continued by yours truly.


  • Disable the follow+teleport behavior of all tamed mobs, including modded ones!
  • Sneak interact to toggle for individual pets
  • Whistle to rally your army of pets!
  • Pets have a "home" they don't stray too far of
  • Vanilla client compatible - though it is recommended to install the mod client-side too!
  • Lots of mod compatibility options


You can own a lot of pets in Minecraft but three in particular have a behavior that causes them to teleport to you unless you force them to sit (which removes their interesting behaviors) or put them on leashes: cats, parrots, and wolves. With IndyPets, you can have a giant pen of cats, house of parrots, or den of wolves and not have to worry about them trying to follow you en masse unless you want them to!
You can watch cats act like cats and roam! Or just sit on beds and inventory chests...

  • for Fabric Minecraft 1.16 - 1.20
  • requires Fabric API and Cloth Config


By default, pets will not follow+teleport to you unless you tell them to do so by sneak-interacting (Shift + Right Click) or whistling (J).

Whistling make all nearby pets follow you or be dismissed again.
Vanilla clients can use the /indypets whistle or unwhistle commands. Both commands can take an optional type of pets you want to address (Auto-completion will show you which types of pets are around, so no need for guessing).

Pets can freely roam within their home. "Home" is where they were last set independent.
The Home Radius can be set in the config.

The mod can run completely server-side but it's recommended clients install it too for hotkeys, client ā†’ server config synchronization and translated text messages.

Mod conflicts / workarounds:

Pettable uses shift-interact to pet mobs but it checks for an empty hand, so you can still use IndyPets while holding an item.
Capybara uses shift-interact while holding a stick to change between sitting/standing. Set IndyPets to require an item other than a stick to be able to interact with the capybara.

You can also use the Interact hotkey (H by default) to bypass having to use shift interact.

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