InfiniOres generates infinite ore spawning blocks around your world, allowing you to have dense, infinite, ore nodes scattered throughout your world.

Client and server World Generation

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Change up the mining experience you're used to by making ores abundant but spread far apart within the world.

Ore Spawner

This mod adds a single block; the Ore Spawner.

The ore spawner is a simple block that cannot be destroyed. Upon generating in the world, or being placed by someone spawning one in, it will randomly select an ore you set in the mod's config file and bind itself to that ore.

The ore spawner will start at tier 1, meaning it can only spawn ores 1 block away from it (including diagonally). But as time goes on, it will slowly (0.01% chance per tick) start to get bigger to a maximum tier set in the config file (default 10).

Spawning behaviour

If the Ore Spawner attempts to spawn an ore it will select a random block within its tier's range, and then check if the block is stone.

If it is, then it will replace the stone with ore.

If the block is air, it will replace it with stone.

If the block is neither stone nor air, it will do nothing.

Example of ore spawning behaviour

Ore chances

The available ores that can be used, along with the rarity of each ore, is set in the mod's config file.

Finding the Ore Spawner

There are two config options for the mod, both enabled by default, to aid you in your search.

Ore pillars

Ore pillars will extend out of the ground up to around Y level = 75 containing stone and the ore that the Ore Spawner has assigned

Example of ore pillar

Node notifications

When exploring the world you may get a message saying:

A node of [ore] has been discovered

These are more vague than the ore pillars, but will let you know when you have loaded a chunk that contains an Ore Spawner.

Ore respawn time

The ore respawn time will depend on the rarity of ore (as defined in the config). The rarer the ore, the less likely it is to attempt its spawning behaviour.

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