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It's Poppin'! is a Quilt mod for Minecraft 1.19.2 that adds popcorn into the game. It was created in one week for ModFest: Singularity.

The core feature of the mod is corn - a new crop found in savanna vilages. Once obtained, it can be popped by tossing it into a fire or lava in order to pop it into popcorn. Popcor kernels stack up to 256, but always comes in bunches of four kernels.

Popcorn can be collected into a bowl and eaten, and you can add special popcorn salts, made by right-clicking a cauldron of milk with a potion, to get a potion effect alongside your meal. Bowls of popcorn stack to 16.

Combining an unpopped corn cob, a fire charge, and a glass bottle results in a molotov poptail - a throwable weapon that deals damage, burns any entities it hits, and scatters popcorn kernels around. If you have Kahur installed, the Kahur can also fire poptails.

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