Jobs+ Tools

Jobs+ Tools


Adds tools to the Jobs of the Jobs+ mod.

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Jobs+ Tools

Jobs+ Tools is a Minecraft mod that adds extra tools to the game. These tools can break multiple blocks at once (such as hammers, excavators, hatchets, and harvesters) or they are stronger counterparts to existing tools (such as longswords and compound bows).

Every tool has a wooden, stone, iron, golden, diamond and netherite varient. Each varient is stronger than the one before.

The tools that can breat multiple blocks have different mods based on the varient of the tool. For example: the hammer which is a replacement for the pickaxe is able to mine a single block (1x1), 3x3, 3x3x3, 5x5 and 5x5x5 at the netherite level. The same goes for the excavator which is the replacement for the shovel.

The hatchet is the replacement for the axe, but is able to take down entire tree at once.

The harvester is the replacement for the hoe. This tool - at netherite level - has 3 different modes: Single block (1x1). 3x3 and 5x5. When right-clicking a crop with the tool, it will autmaticlly be harvested and replanted if the crop is fully grown. This tool also works on melons and pumpkins.

Jobs+ Integration

Note: This mod works without Jobs+ installed, but if Jobs+ is installed, it will integrate with Jobs+ automatically.

The Jobs+ Intergation makes sure the tools are only craftable after a certain level of the jobs has been reached. For example, the wooden hammer cannot be used without the miner job and the stone varient of the hammer will only be usable and craftable once the player has reached level 15 as a miner. The same goes for the other tools and jobs with a 15 level increase for every tool varient.

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