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  • Cache layers to improve performance
  • Added fallback animations if no animation file is supplied
  • Replacing GeckoLib mobs can now use the original animation predicates and fallback to original animation files
  • Stopped most crashing from invalid packs
  • Variant mobs now temporarily use rendering information from their base (i.e. Husks use Zombie, Wither Skeleton use Skeleton, etc.)
  • Fixed missing Cow and Chicken assets in base resource pack
  • Added support for glow layers
  • Added support for armor and items
  • Added variant support
  • Added support for baby models
  • Added support for Iron Golem crackiness
  • Added support for defaults for any mob, modded or vanilla
  • Added Zombie implementation
  • Added Skeleton implementation
  • Added Creeper implementation
  • Added Spider implementation
  • Added Enderman implementation
  • Added Iron Golem implementation
  • Added Sheep implementation
  • Added Pig implementation
  • Added Cow implementation
  • Added Chicken implementation