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Just Enough Crowns

We need crowns not helmets! :)


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This mod adds crowns and silver ore! It was made with MCreator. I tried to follow some tutorials, but the tutorials were harder to follow than simply pointing and clicking with MCreator. Eventually this mod will be normal java code, but first it will be MCreator code. The source is all open if someone is feeling frisky enough to convert it and do a pr. I am following an Udemy course that is easy to understand., and after I'm done I'll refactor the 1.16.5 version of this.


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Everything should be oreDicted, I made sure to set that flag in the recipes.


Items & Recipes

See the Images above for a full list of what this mod adds.



  • * Convert 1.12.2 version to proper Forge code
  • * Convert 1.14.4 version to proper Forge code
  • * Convert 1.15.2 version to proper Forge code
  • * Convert 1.16.5 version to proper Forge code


It's MIT Licensed, so you don't need to ask, just add it and go!