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Kawaii Dishes


A mod about coffee, maids and food

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Created7 months ago
Updated2 months ago

Kawaii Dishes is a mod heavilly inspired by the Maid Café Thematic

adding new food sources and cosmetics !

This mod adds:

  • Coffee Plants that naturally spawn on the world and are similar in function to the Sweet Berry Bushes, giving up to 3 Coffee Fruit
  • 7 Coffees
  • 7 Ice creams
  • 7 Milkshakes
  • 3 Chocolate Bars
  • Brigadeiro and Beijinho (2 Candies from Brazil)
  • 3 Cheesecakes
  • 4 Cake Slices
  • 3 Cookies + 2 Special Cookies
  • Colored Stools
  • Mugs, Glass Cups and Milkshake Cups
  • Coffee Press and Coffee Machine
  • Blender
  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Barista Profession for villagers with the coffee machine being the Workstation

Villagers can buy and sell items from the mod

Wandering Traders can sell Coffee Fruit

The following cosmetics are added (currently) :

  • Bunny Tails and Ears
  • Fox Tails and Ears
  • Cat Tails and Ears
  • Devil Tails and Horns
  • Colored Thigh Highs
  • Shoes
  • Colored Maid Dresses and Tailed Variations
  • Colored Headbands and Eared/Horned Variations
  • Bunny Girl Suits (do not question)

And each set gives some effects

  • Bunny : Jump Boost 1 and no fall damage is taken
  • Fox : Speed 1
  • Cat : Neko 1 (Pushes Creepers away)
  • Devil: Piglins don't attack
  • Maid: Kawaii 1 (Have a chance to get a message :3)

Mobs can spawn naturally wearing those as armor but the effects aren't applied

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