Kawaii Dishes

Kawaii Dishes

A mod about coffee, maids and food

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Created 3 months ago
Updated 21 days ago

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This mod Requires Geckolib 3.0.41   Kawaii Dishes is a mod inspired by the aesthetics of maid cafés

It adds 7 coffees:

  • Expresso (Gives Night Vision)
  • American (Gives Speed I)
  • Latte (Gives Haste I)
  • Mocha (Gives Regeneration II)
  • Macchiato (Gives Absorption II)
  • Doppio (Gives Speed II)
  • Cappuccino  (Gives Haste II)   Depending on where you make the coffees, the times of the effects will be higher or lower

It brings new blocks like :

  • Stools that you can sit (there are diferent ones for each color of wool)

  • A Coffee Press to manualy make coffee

  • A Coffee Machine to automatically make coffee

  • A Mortar and pastle for grinding the coffee and cocoa beans   For cosmetics it adds:

  • Maid Dresses for each wool color

  • Cat Ears

  • Cat Tails

  • Fox Tails

  • Thigh Highs

  • Shoes

Both of the Tail types can be crafted with the maid dresses creating the tailed maid dresses variations and the tails are animated as well

This mod still in alpha, any input on the designs an features can change in future versions.