Speed up the loading of your world.

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Speed up your world loading by not loading nearby chunks every time.


1.20.4 and older: Vanilla Minecraft loads 21x21 (441) spawn chunks every time you load a world.
1.20.5 and newer: Vanilla Minecraft loads 5x5 (25) spawn chunks every time you load a world.

This mod fully removes spawn chunks.


Fabric: (none)
Forge 1.16 and newer: (none)
Forge 1.15.2 and older: Any Mixin provider at your choice (such as MixinBootstrap, MixinBooter, UniMixins or any other)
NeoForge: (none)
Quilt: (none)
Legacy Fabric: (none)
Ornithe (none)


Q: I need help, have questions, or something else.
A: You can join the Discord server.

Q: Where can I download this mod?
A: Modrinth, CurseForge, GitHub.

Q: This mod doesn't speed up anything.
A: The effect may not be noticeable on high-end PCs. This mod is designed primarily for low-end devices. There's a video through.

Q: Which mod loaders are supported?
A: Forge, Fabric, Quilt, NeoForge, Legacy Fabric, Ornithe (for both Fabric and Quilt).

Q: Which versions are supported?
A: Minecraft 1.8 or newer. There may be a backport to older versions in the future.

Q: Where are the Forge, Fabric, Quilt, NeoForge, etc. versions?
A: All in the same file.

Q: Do I need Fabric API or Quilt Standard Libraries?
A: Nope, but you can have it installed for other mods.

Q: Is it open source?
A: Yes. (Licensed under MIT License)

Q: Is it stable for use?
A: It should be. No guarantee though. At least it should not break your worlds, you just won't be able to load them with this mod and can uninstall it to load otherwise.

Q: Is this mod client-side or server-side?
A: This mod works on logical server side. That is, it HAS effect in singleplayer and on a dedicated (standalone) server. It has NO effect on the client when playing in multiplayer. You can install it into your client or your server without any requirements for it to be installed on the other side.

Q: How to force-load chunks for ticking if spawn chunks have been removed?
A: If you really need ticking chunks, load individual chunks with the /forceload vanilla command in 1.13 or newer. For older versions, you can search for some mod that force-loads chunks.

Q: I found a bug.
A: Report it here. If you are not sure if this is a bug, you can join the Discord.

Q: It says Ksyxis: No Mixin found.
A: If you're using ancient Forge (1.15.2 or older), you may need to install MixinBootstrap, MixinBooter, UniMixins OR any other at your choice. If you're using Forge 1.16 or newer, any Fabric, any Quilt, or any NeoForge, you don't need to install anything and this is a bug.

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