A mod for Fabric that introduces a brand new set of gear that can be augmented through the smiting table

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DUE TO NAME CHANGES, <1.2.2 SAVE DATA WILL NOT BE COMPATABLE WITH 1.2.2 An explaination on the situation can be found here:

Kyanite (Fabric)

Kyanite is a mod about augmenting armor through vanilla materials and the alike.

It features a new ore found exclusively in the End, called Kyanite . Kyanite , in its base form, can be used to make Kyanite gear and Refined Kyanite

Refined Kyanite can be combined with Vanilla Materials to create "Ascension Kyanite " of that material's type.

The Ascension Kyanite is then combined with the Kyanite armor to boost the Kyanite gear's power.

Currently, Iron, Diamond, Netherite, Gold, Quartz, and "Powered Quartz" are supported

The mod is Fabric Exclusive, please DO NOT get on your knees and beg for a Forge port, though you are free to port to Forge if you are capable of coding and love the mod, as it is open source and I will not stop you.

Feel free to put this in a modpack, credit is preferred but not required.

If you have any suggestions or bugs, or simply want to work on the source code, check GitHub.