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A Fabric mod which adds better controls and controller support.


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A Fabric Minecraft mod which adds better controls, reach-around and controller support.

What's this mod?

This mod adds better controls, reach-around features, etc.

Haven't you dreamed to travel in your modded Minecraft world with your controller? Yes? Then this mod is made for you!

This mod also adds controller support.

✅ Features:

  • Controller support
  • Touchscreen support (very experimental and buggy).
  • Keyboard controls to look around.
  • Toggleable on screen button indicator (like in Bedrock Edition).
  • Vertical reach-around.
  • Many Bedrock Edition features:
    • Toggleable fly drifting
    • Front block placing (be careful with this one)
  • New controls settings!
  • Many options in config to change to your liking.
  • Many controllers supported and in a simply way your own controller mappings.
  • An easy API for developers to add their own button bindings.

🎮 Supported Controllers:

  • Dualshock controllers
  • Xbox controllers
  • Switch Pro controllers
  • Joycons
  • And many more!


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