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✨ New in 1.18

The ME Requester! A device that automatically requests new crafts if an item amount falls below a certain value.

📑 Overview

This is a Forge mod and a port of the LazyAE2 mod for modern versions.

It adds some useful machines that will make your late-game Applied Energistics 2 experience less grindy.

📖 Wiki

If you want to know more about the machine interfaces, their functionality and how to alter recipes, you can read more on the wiki.

💚 Credits

Credits for the original mod go to phantamanta44.
Although this is a complete rewrite, credits for the idea should be given!

The mod is ported with permission.

⏰ Changelog

Everything related to versions and their release notes can be found in the changelog.

🎓 License

This project is licensed under the MIT license.