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Lenient Death

A server-sided alternative to gravestone mods, for Fabric & Quilt. Keep only certain items, and other features relating to dropped items.

A GIF showing a player dying and keeping their armour and tools, but not ores

An example of the item glow up close


All features are highly configurable and well documented both in the config file and the wiki.

Enabled by Default:

  • Preserve only some items on death - think of it as a filtered /gamerule keepInventory.
    • Multiple criteria, including a manual safe list, by item type, ad-hoc soulbound system, and optionally by pure chance.
    • For more details, see the wiki page.
    • Inspired by Starbound's death system.
  • Give dropped items a glowing outline, helping you find your way back. Recommended to increase your Entity View Distance!
  • Void Immunity for items - they will be teleported to a safe place instead of despawning.
  • Automatic moving of your items to their original slots
  • Logging of your coordinates at death in chat
  • Saving of inventories upon death, and allowing admins to restore them if needed

Disabled by Default:

  • Several config presets to get you started - use /ld config presets. See the wiki page
  • Preserve some or all of your experience on death.
  • Item & XP drops can work on a per-player basis too - see the wiki page on Per-Player mode
  • Give items an extended (or infinite!) lifespan, putting less pressure on players.
  • Add immunities to your items for fire, lava, explosions and cacti.

Supported Versions

Currently targeting 1.20.4, 1.20.2, 1.20.1, and 1.19.4.


You can either edit config/lenientdeath.json5, or use the in-game /ld config command. For more information, see the wiki.


Bundles Mixin Extras, Fabric Permissions API, Server Translation API, and several JackFredLib modules.

For 0.x versions

These versions are unsupported but should still work.

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