Less Annoying Piglins

[ABANDONWARE] A mod that makes piglins neutral after bartering.


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Less Annoying Piglins has been archived. Less Annoying Piglins will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.

This is abandonware. It might still work, but I highly doubt it. Use at your own discretion.

This small mod makes piglins neutral (i.e. non-aggressive to players) after bartering with a player for a given amount of time (defaults to 15 seconds).

Inspired by real events of players killed by piglins shortly after bartering. (F in chat for these poor people)

How to use

NOTE: Fabric API is not required to use this mod.

Install Fabric (Loader), download, drag and drop into the mods folder, done.

How to configure

The config file path: <installation-folder>/config/lessannoyingpiglins.toml

  • neutralTicksAfterBarter: number = 300 (how long should the piglin stay neutral, in ticks)

Can I use it

Sure and go ahead. (An attribution would be nice :wink:)

Source & Issue Tracker

https://github.com/pluiedev/LessAnnoyingPiglins   Also feel free to dm me in discord if you have a problem: pluie#9105