A fabric mod that implements a customisable version of the LifeSteal SMP

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LifeSteal has been archived. LifeSteal will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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A fabric server side implementation of the LifeSteal SMP

Notice for when updating to v2.0.0

There has been alot of changes since v1.2.0 and as a result the config is very different (i only really added stuff)

Also if you want to disable banning of users when they reach 0 health have a look under punishment in the config as it has been moved

Required Mods

This mod is dependent on BFAPI


This mod adds a command that can be used to modify and get a players lost health, the general structure is as follows:

/alias [get [uuid/name]]/[set [uuid/name] value]

This allows for moderation of players health without lengthy server restarts


The config is found under lifesteal.json in the config directory

  "comment-maxHealth": "The maximum *total* health that can be gained, if less than 0 it will be ignored",
  "maxHealth": -1.0,
  "comment-minHealth": "The minimum *total* health that someone can be at, when this value is reached they cannot be used to gain hearts",
  "minHealth": 0.0,
  "comment-healthToLooseOnDeath": "The amount of health to be lost when a player dies",
  "healthToLooseOnDeath": 2.0,
  "comment-looseHealthOnlyOnPlayerRelatedDeath": "This toggle dictates if a player can loose health from deaths that are not caused by a player, if true then they cannot",
  "looseHealthOnlyOnPlayerRelatedDeath": false,
  "punishment": {
    "banWhenHealthReachesZero": true,
    "banReason": {
      "text": "You have been banned due to your health reaching 0!"
  "comment-notEnoughHeartsMessage": "The message that is displayed when you kill a player that doesn't have enough hearts to kill you",
  "notEnoughHeartsMessage": {
    "text": "The player did not have any hearts you could steal"
  "command": {
    "comment-enableCommands": "If the commands should be registered",
    "enableCommands": true,
    "comment-aliases": "The aliases that the command will register under",
    "aliases": [
    "comment-permission": "The permission required to modify a players health *if you dont have a permission db the level can be set to the wanted operator level*",
    "permission": {
      "node": "lifesteal.modify",
      "level": "op_3"
    "comment-successMessage": "The text sent to the player when they set another players health",
    "successMessage": {
      "color": "green",
      "text": "Done!"
    "comment-successMessageFile": "The text sent to the player when they set another players health but they are not online so it stored it to be applied when the player joins",
    "successMessageFile": {
      "color": "green",
      "text": "Done! (to file)"
    "comment-broadcastToOps": "If setting a players health should be broadcasted to all operators",
    "broadcastToOps": true
  "recipe": {
    "comment-allowCraftingOfHealth": "If the default recipe should be registered if a custom one is not found under lifesteal:health",
    "allowCraftingOfHealth": true,
    "comment-registerRequirements": "Don't disable this unless you have a conflicting error, other mods recipes may depend on it",
    "registerRequirements": true,
    "comment-registerResults": "Don't disable this unless you have a conflicting error, other mods recipes may depend on it",
    "registerResults": true
  "marks": {
    "comment-enableMarks": "If marks should be listened to, this is needed for health items",
    "enableMarks": true,
    "comment-marks": "The list of marks that will be listened to, if you remove/modify any of these ensure you update the crafting recipes mark",
    "marks": [
    "comment-limiter": "The maximum number of times a player can consume health before they are stopped, if <1 this is ignored",
    "limiter": -1,
    "output": {
      "comment-markOutputSuccess": "Sent to an entity when they consume a marked item sucessfully",
      "markOutputSuccess": {
        "text": "You consumed some health"
      "comment-markOutputFailed": "Sent to an entity when they fail consume a marked item due to failing the limiter check",
      "markOutputFailed": {
        "color": "red",
        "text": "You have already consumed your fill of health"
      "comment-broadcastToOpsMarks": "If operators should be told when a player consumes a marked item",
      "broadcastToOps": true


Api utilisation

This mod adds a (simple interface)[] for using it as an API, LifeStealable

LifeStealable allows for a mod to get a players lost health and modify it as needed while also allowing it to be implemented on custom entities so that they can be used to gain health on death

Any LifeStealable implementation should always call setLostHealth when ever the health changes

Additions to BFAPI


LifeSteal adds a customisable set of marks (check the sub marks for individual marks) that default as lifesteal and health

When these marks are applied to an ItemStack and said ItemStack is used the appropriate message is sent to the user:

If the user has more gained health than the limiter allows it will send markOutputFailed elsewise markOutputSuccess will be sent


There are now a couple of recipe requirements/results that are added by LifeSteal


LifeSteal adds 3 new requirements to custom recipies, these are:

Requirement ID Description Expects
losthealth> Ensures the crafter has lost atleast the given amount of health Integer
losthealth< Ensures the crafter has lost less the given amount of health Integer
losthealth= Ensures the crafter has lost the given amount of health Integer

These can be utilised to lock recipes to certain health levels such as losthealth< being set to -2 will only be craftable by those who have gained a heart


LifeSteal adds 3 new results to custom recipies, these are:

Result ID Description Expects
gainhealth Gives the player the given amount of health Integer
loosehealth Takes the given amount of health from the player Integer
sethealth Sets the players lost health to the given amount Integer

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