Lightest Lamps

Lightest Lamps


Mod adds lamps with larger range and special ones.

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The Lightest Lamps Mod for Fabric and Quilt

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Tired of placing torches everywhere?
Lightest Lamps adds a lot of lamps that have bigger light range and special ones.

Now there are 16 lamps for your disposal:

  • Lamps with extended light area. Ranging from 16 up to 30 blocks in opposition of vanilla's 15 range.
  • Underwater lamps with extended light area.
  • Interdiction lamp that pushes mobs away from your base.

Also adds

  • Machine for crafting these lamps.
  • More glowstone types.
  • New resources.
  • Glowing pillars.
  • Glowing glass.
  • Full black block. The Vantablack.
  • Cute fruit like hanging lantern.

This mod requires Cloth Config API and Fabric API for Fabric version, QFAPI/QSL for Quilt version. Also, I recommend installing REI.

For modpack developers

This mod supports vanilla friendly mode without energy or mode for technical modpacks where energy is used.
You can change this in config.

Yes, you can use this mod on your modpack.


Q: Can you backport mod to version <1.17?

A: No

Q: Forge version?

A: It's available on CurseForge, it can be a bit outdated sometimes. I'm focusing on Fabric and Quilt.

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Licensed MIT
Published 3 years ago
Updated 10 months ago