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Rail and Water Transportation Mod

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Updated7 months ago

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Fix tug/hopper interaction when docked

  • fishing barge is now more configurable, and gets 1/2 non-treasure loot by default

  • trains and vessels can be configured to ignore some damage sources (create drills and saws by default)

  • Add more tooltip info

  • fix waterlogged blocks not treated as water

  • vessels now have more HP and regen, making them harder to kill (still insta killed by players)

  • add config to auto-kill chunkloaders

  • trains (incl tug-trains) now try detect when partially chunkloaded and try to wait until fully loaded instead of leaving part of the train behind

  • vehicle charger now auto rotates to face the dock

  • tugs now have the same GUI as locomotives (button to turn off the engine)

  • create compatibility layer (for train contraptions) can now be disabled, use this if LL is broken by a future create update

  • collision detection now freezes the train instead of just slowing down/turning off the engine

  • trains will attempt to detect when a mob is "pushing it apart" (like fish between cars) and stall until the mob moves away

Fix crash with create minecart couplers

Fixed compatibility with Shetiphiancore Fix carts with entities falling behind Add support for create freezing capability when actors are stalled Conductors wrench can now be used to change rail shapes of standard vanilla rails

First train update telease

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