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Loot Goblins

Adds extremely rare, 1/10,000 chance to spawn, loot goblins that can replace anything in the world. When killed, they explode into huge piles of randomized loot! Comes in Five Flavors.

infographicA goblin killed

Minor Goblins

More likely to spawn than regular Goblins, these guys each drop specific items and a few random items.


Gold Skeleton - Drops: Golden Bones which can be smelted into gold.

Lapis Zombie - Drops: Stoneflesh which can be smelted into lapis.

Redstone Creeper - Drops: Red Bomb which explodes into redstone dust.

Iron Spider - Drops: Iron Eye which can be smelted into iron.

Emerald Pillager - Drops: Emerald Crossbow, breaks into emeralds.

Quartz Hoglin - Drops: Quartzchop, smelts into Quartz and can be eaten.

Prismarine Enderman - Drops: Prismarine Pearl, breaks into prismarine.

Also adds Loot Beams (Configurable!)

loot beams running skins

known issues

Due to load order being unpredictable, any mod that influences itemstack rendering could/will interfere with loot beams

Emerald Crossbow looks stupid

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