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Lovely Snails

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A Minecraft mod which adds some very cute snails.

What's this mod?

Lovely Snails adds a new entity: the snails. Snails are cute little creatures which can be tamed by players.

Snails will get scared by hostile mobs or if they get attacked, they will then hide under their shell.

Once a snail is tamed with mushrooms, they can have a cute little decor using carpets. Players can they take care of the snail, if it's well taken care of it mays grow into a big snail.

Big snails can be ridden, they also can be equipped with chests to offer an inventory. They also can equip an Ender Chest to offer a portable Ender Chest.

How do I take care of a snail?

Once tamed you can help your snail to grow to adult size!

You can feed your snail some grass, fern, or even kelp! You can also pet it by right-clicking on it. You can also give it a carpet, the snail will appreciate it even more if it feels cold. You can also hydrate it by throwing a water splash potion.

But beware! Snails hate poisonous potatoes.


Some little snails in their natural habitat. Small snails in their natural habitat

Tamed snails! Tamed snails

The inventory of a snail. Each chest represents a storage page, pages can be browsed by scrolling in the storage spage. Inventory

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