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Magic 8 Ball

Adds a Magic 8 Ball that you can find as loot.

Ask it all the questions you want! Well, as long as they can be answered with yes or no.

If you're lucky enough to come across an 8-ball of your own, you can take it apart and reconfigure the responses to your heart's content.


Once you've acquired an 8-ball, you can shift-click it to pull it apart.

This frees the icosahedron core, leaving you with it and two hemispheres. Well, and a puddle of the magic water every 8-ball contains.

The icosahedron core can be used to disassemble all of its 20 faces. Each one can be renamed in an anvil to change what it displays.

When you're ready to predict the future once more, just craft all of the faces back together until you have a reconstructed icosahedron.

Craft together your newly fixed core, two hemispheres, and some water, and you have a functional Magic 8 Ball!

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