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Magitek Mechs

Craft and pilot FF6-style Magitek Armor


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Magitek Mechs (1.0.11)


Magic-infused mechs based on Final Fantasy 6's Magitek Armor.

Preview of Magitek Armors


  1. Magitek Armor ( Powered by burnable fuel. )
  2. Tunnel Armor! Rapid digging of tunnels.
  3. Proto Armor ( Powered by electricity if TechReborn is installed. Free-energy otherwise. )


-Install (Fabric)-

Fabric API and Gecko Lib jars must be placed alongside this mod. TechReborn is optional. Here are latest known working versions:

-Install (Forge)-

Craft armors with these recipes:MTM Crafting Recipes

You will also need to craft a magicite or find one in random treasure chests.

Magicite Crafting and Inventories

Before they can operate, they must be fueled and have magicite attached.
Open the cabinets with shift and right-click.
The slot on the far right is for the beam. Use a blaze rod for a fire beam or a snow ball for an ice beam.

After that, right-click to ride. Press 'V' to use the beams or drill.


-Ongoing issues-
I'm still figuring out why the beam will occasionally cause a nearby player to crash.
If its more of a problem than its worth, you can turn it off with "/gamerule beamDamage false"
"/gamerule beamFire" also exists if you want to disable fire starting.


-License & Sharing-
The code is available to reuse/modify under the MIT License.
You can use this in mod packs if you want. (Though keep in mind this is partly a fan work)